Homophones List

Here’s a complete A-Z list that contains thousands of different homophones.

We’ve included as many different homophones as we could find, but also have some guidelines you can read that explain how these words made it on to our list, as well as the reasons why some were left off.

If you think we’ve missed some words out of our homophones list, we’d love to hear from you! Just get in touch here to share your ideas – if they get added to the list, we’ll give you a credit on this page.

Needless to say, this list is pretty long. If you want to find a specific word and its related homophones, there are a few ways you can do this:

  • Look through the list for the word(s) you need (it’s in alphabetical order)
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For words that are used more often in everyday language, you may prefer our list of most common homophones.

If you find that this page is helpful, you may also find all our homophone activities useful too – we have loads of free homophone worksheets, riddles, jokes, games and more.

Homophones List

absence absents
accede axseed
accepter acceptor
accidence accidents
acclamation acclimation
ad add
adds ads adze
aerial areal ariel*
aid aide
adherence adherents
adolescence adolescents
adulteress adulterous
adventuress adventurous
aerie aery airy eyrie
aes ease
ai aye eye I
ail ale
air aire are ayre ere eyre heir
aisle I’ll isle
ait ate eight
all awl
allowed aloud
allusion elusion illusion
alms arms
altar alter
analyst annalist
ant aunt
ante anti auntie
apatite appetite
appose oppose
apps apse
arc ark
aren’t aunt
as ass asse
ascent assent
assistance assistants
attendance attendants
auger augur
aught ought
auk awk orc
aura* ora*
aural oral
auricle oracle
autarchy autarky
away aweigh
awe oar or ore
awful offal
axel axil axle
axes axis
ayes eyes
baa bah
bad bade
bail bale
bailee bailey bailie
bailer bailor baler
bait bate
baize bays beys
bald balled bawled
ball bawl
balm bomb
baloney bologna
ban bann
band banned
bar barre
bard barred
bare bear
bark barque
baron barren
barrel beryl
basal basil
base bass
based baste
basest bassist
bask basque
bat batt
baud bawd
bay bey
bazaar bizarre
be bee
beach beech
bean been
beat beet
beau bow
beaut butte
been bin
beer bier
bees bise
beetle betel
bel bell belle
belligerence belligerents
berg burg
berry bury
berth birth
better bettor
bi buy by bye
bight bite byte
billed build
bird burd burred
bit bitt
bitten bittern
blair blare
blend blende
blew blue
bloc block
boar bore
board bored
boarder border
bocks box
bode bowed
bogey bogie bogy
bold bowled
bolder boulder
bole boll bowl
boos booze
bootee booty
born bourn bourne
borough burro burrow
bough bow
bouillon bullion
boy buoy
brae bray
braes braise brays braze
braid brayed
brain brane
brake break
brassie brassy
breach breech
bread bred
brewed brood
brews bruise
bridal bridle
broach brooch
broom brougham
brows browse
bruit brut brute
buccal buckle
bundt bunt
bur burr
burger burgher
burley burly
bus buss
bused bussed bust
but butt
buyer byre
cache cash
cachou cashew
caddie caddy cadi
cain cane
caird cared
calculous calculus
calendar calender
calix calyx
calk caulk
call caul col
callous callus
camara camera
came kame
can’t cant
canape canopy
cannon canon
canter cantor
canvas canvass
capital capitol
carat caret carrot karat
caries carries
carol carrel
carpal carpel
cart kart
cask casque
cast caste
caster castor
caudal caudle
caught court
caulk* cork*
cause caws
caw core corps
cay key quay
cedar ceder seeder
cede seed
ceil seal seel
ceiling sealing
cel cell sell
cellar seller
cense cents scents sense
censer censor senser sensor
census senses
cent scent sent
cerate serrate
cere sear seer sere
cereal serial
cession session
cete seat
chair chare
chaise shays
champagne champaign
chance chants
chantey chanty shanty
chard charred
chary cherry
chased chaste
cheap cheep
check cheque
chews choose
chic sheik
chili chilly
chin chine
chitin chiton kitten
choc chock
choir quire
choler collar
choral coral
chorale corral
chord cord cored
chordate cordate
chott shot
chough chuff
chrism chrisom
chronical chronicle
chucker chukker
chute shoot
chyle* kile* kyle*
cinque sink sync
cinque sank
cirrous cirrus serous
cist cyst
cist kissed kist
cite sight site
clabbered clapboard
clack claque
clairvoyance clairvoyants
clause claws
clew clue
click clique klick
climb clime
close cloze
coal cole kohl
coarse course
coat cote
coax cokes
cocks cox
coco cocoa
coddling codling
coffer cougher
coin quoin
collard collared
colonel kernel
color culler
come cum
complacent complaisant
compleat complete
complement compliment
con conn khan
concent consent
conch conk
condescendence condescendents
confectionary confectionery
conker conquer
consulter consultor
continence continents
coo coup
coolie coolly coulee coulis
cop kop
cops copse
coquet coquette
cornflour* cornflower*
correspondence correspondents
cosey cosy cozy
cosher kosher
cosign cosine
cot khat
council counsel
councilor counselor
courtesy curtsy
cousin cozen
coward cowered
coy koi
craft kraft
crape crepe
crater krater
creak creek
crewed crude
crewel cruel
crews cruise cruse
cross crosse
crumby crummie crummy
cubical cubicle
cue kyu queue
curb kerb
currant current
curser cursor
cygnet signet
cymbal symbol
dam damn
days daze
dean dene
dear deer
deasil* diesel*
deem deme
delinquence delinquents
dense dents
dental dentil
dependence dependents
depravation deprivation
descendant descendent
descent dissent
desert dessert
deuce douce dues juice
deviance deviants
deviser devisor divisor
dew do due
dewed dude
die dye
dike dyke
dine dyne
dire dyer
disburse disperse
disc disk
discreet discrete
discussed disgust
dissidence dissidents
do doe doh dough
doc dock
does doughs doze
done dun
door dor
dost dust
dour dower
douse dowse
drachm dram
draft draught
dray drey
droop drupe
dual duel jewel joule
ducked duct
ducks* dux*
dyeing dying
earn erne urn
ease aes
eave eve
eight ait ate
elicit illicit
elusion allusion illusion
emerge immerge
ensure insure
epic epoch
equater equator
equivalence equivalents
er err
ere eyre air aire are ayre heir
erk irk
erupt irrupt
ewe yew you
ewes use yews youse
exalt exult
exercise exorcise
expedience expedients
eye ai aye I
eyed I’d ide
eyelet islet
eyer ire
eyes ayes
eyrie aerie aery airy
faery fairy ferry
fah far
faille file phial
fain fane feign
faint feint
fair fare fayre
faker fakir
farmer pharma
farming pharming
faro farrow pharaoh
farther father
fat phat
fate fete
faun fawn
fay fey
fays faze phase
fear fere
feat feet
feaze fees feeze
felloe fellow
fennel phenyl
feral ferrule ferule
few phew
fiance fiancee
fie phi
fills fils
filter philter
find fined
fir fur
firs furs furze
fish phish
fisher fissure
fizz phiz
flack flak
flacks flax
flair flare
flaw floor
flay fley
flea flee
flecks flex
flew flu flue
flicks* flix*
flier flyer
floc flock
flocks flocs flox* phlox
floe flow
florescence fluorescence fluorescents
flour flower
foaled fold
for fore four
forbear forebear
forego forgo
foreward foreword forward
form forme
formally formerly
fort forte fought
forth fourth
foul fowl
fraise frays phrase
franc frank
freak phreak
frees freeze frieze
friar fryer
fro froe
fungous fungus
gaff gaffe
gage gauge
gait gate
gaiter gator
galipot gallipot
galley gally
gallop galop
gamble gambol
gamin gammon
gang gangue
gassed gast
gaud gorde gored gourd gourde
gays gaze
gel jell
genes jeans
gest jest
ghat got
gibe* gybe* jibe*
gild gilled guild
gill* jill*
gilt guilt
gin jinn
giro gyro
glair glare
gnar knar
gnaw nor
gneiss nice
gnu knew new nu
gnus news
gofer gopher
gorilla guerilla
grade grayed
graft graphed
grate great
grays graze
greave grieve
grievance grievants
grip grippe
grisly gristly grizzly
groan grown
grocer grosser
guarantee guaranty
guessed guest
guide guyed
guise guys
gyve jive
hae hay heigh hey
haik hike
hail hale
hair hare
hall haul
halve have
handmade handmaid
handsome hansom
hangar hanger
hart heart
haw hoar hore* whore
hawed hoard horde whored
hays haze
heal heel he’ll
heald healed heeled
hear here
heard herd
hears here’s
he’d heed
height hight
heir air aire are ayre ere eyre
herds hurds
heroin heroine
hertz hurts
hew hue
hi hie high
hic hick
hide hied
higher hire
him hymn
hissed hist
ho hoe
hoarse horse
hoc hock hough
hoes hose
hold holed
hole whole
holey holy wholly
holm hom home
hoo who
hoop whoop
hostel hostile
hour our
house how’s hows
humerus humorous
hurdle hurtle
I ai aye eye
I’d ide eyed
idle idol idyll
ileum ilium
I’ll isle aisle
illicit elicit
illusion allusion elusion
immanent imminent
immerge emerge
impassable impassible impossible
impatience impatiens
impotence impotents
in inn
incandescence incandescents
incidence incidents
incite insight
incompetence incompetents
independence independents
indict indite
indigence indigents
inductance inductants
infuser infusor
innocence innocents
installation instillation
instance instants
insure ensure
intense intents
invade inveighed
ire eyer
irk erk
irrupt erupt
islet eyelet
it’s its
jalousie jealousy
jam jamb
jeans genes
jell gel
jest gest
jewel joule dual duel
jibe* gibe* gybe*
jinks jinx
jinn gin
jive gyve
juice deuce douce dues
kame came
karat carat caret carrot
kart cart
kerb curb
kernel colonel
key cay quay
khan con conn
khat cot
kile* chyle* kyle*
kissed kist cist
kite kyte
kitten chitin chiton
klick click clique
knap nap
knar gnar
knave nave
knead kneed need
knee nee
knew gnu new nu
knickers nickers
knight night
knit nit
knitted* nitid*
knob nob
knock nock
knot not
know no
knows noes nose
kohl coal cole
koi coy
kop cop
kosher cosher
kraft craft
krater crater
krona krone
kyu cue queue
laager lager logger
lac lack lakh
laches latches
lacks lax
lade laid leid
lain lane
loch lock lough
lam lamb
lama llama
lance launce
laps lapse
larva lava
lase lays laze leas leis leys
laser lazar
law lore
lay lea lei ley
lea lee li
leach leech
lead led
lead lede
leader lieder liter
leaf lief
leak leek
lean lien
lear leer
leased least
leave lieve
leaven levin
leaver lever
less loess
lessen lesson
lesser lessor
levee levy
liar lier lyre
lice lyse
lichen liken
licht licked
licker liquor
lie lye
lieu loo
light* lite*
lightening lightning
limb limn
links lynx
literal littoral
lo low
load lode lowed
loan lone
loath loathe
lochs locks lox
loon lune
loop loupe
loos lose
loose luce
loot lute
lux luxe
mac mach mack
made maid
mail male
main mane mein
maize maze
mall maul
mandrel mandrill
manna manner manor
mantel mantle
marc mark marque
mare mayor
marquee marquis
marshal martial
marten martin
maser mazer
mask masque
massed mast
mat matte
maw moor more
me mi
mead meed
mean mesne mien
meat meet mete
meatier meteor
medal meddle
meddler medlar
meeting meting
metal mettle
mewl mule
mews muse
mho mot mow
mic mike
microlight* microlite*
middy midi
might mite
mil mill
millenary millinery
mince mints
mind mined
miner minor mynah
minks minx
miscible missable
missal missile
missed mist
misses missus
moan mown
moat mote
mode mowed
mood mooed
moose mousse
mordant mordent
morn mourn
morning mourning
much mutch
mucous mucus
murderess murderous
muscle mussel
mussed must musth
mustard mustered
mutual mutuel
nae nay nee neigh
nap knap
narc nark
naval navel
nave knave
neap neep
nee knee
need knead kneed
new nu gnu knew
news gnus
nice gneiss
nickel nickle
nickers knickers
nicks nix
nigh nye
night knight
nit knit
no know
nob knob
nock knock
noes nose knows
none nun
noose nous
nor gnaw
not knot
oak oke
oar or ore awe
od odd
ode owed
offal awful
oh owe
one won
oohs ooze
oppose appose
oracle auricle
ora* aura*
oral aural
orc auk awk
ordinance ordnance
ought aught
our hour
overdo overdue
overseas oversees
pa pah par parr pas
paced paste
packed pact
packs pax
paean peon
paid payed
pail pale
pain pane
pair pare pear
palate palette pallet
pall pawl
pan panne
panda* pander*
pard parred
parol parole
parse pass
pascal paschal
passable passible
passed past
pasta pastor
paten patten pattern
patience patients
pause paws pores pours
paw poor pore pour
pawn porn
pe pea pee
peace piece
peak peek peke pique
peal peel
pean peen
pearl purl
peas pease pees pes
pecten pectin
pedal peddle
peer pier
pelisse police
penance pennants
pencel pencil pensile
pend penned
pendant pendent
penitence penitents
penni penny
per purr
permanence permanents
perse purse
petrel petrol
pew pugh
pharaoh faro farrow
pharma farmer
pharming farming
phase fays faze
phat fat
phenyl fennel
phew few
phi fie
phial faille file
philter filter
phish fish
phiz fizz
phlox flocks flocs flox*
phosphorous phosphorus
phrase fraise frays
phreak freak
pi pie
pic pick
pica pika
picks pics pix pyx
picnic pyknic
pidgin pigeon
pinion pinon
pistil pistol
pixie pyxie
place plaice
plain plane
plainer planar planer
plait plate
plantar planter
pleas please
pleural plural
plum plumb
pocks pox
pokey poky
polar poler poller
pole poll
policlinic polyclinic
politic politick
pomace pumice
poodle pootle
poof pouf pouffe
popery potpourri
populace populous populus
praise prase prays preys
pray prey
precedence precedents presidents
precisian precision
premier premiere
presence presents
pressed prest
presser pressor
pride pried
prier prior
pries prise prize
prince prints
principal principle
profit prophet
prophecy prophesy
pros prose
psalter salter
psi scye sigh xi
psychosis sycosis
pupal pupil
purest purist
puttee putty
queue cue kyu
quad quod
quarts quartz
quay cay key
quean queen
quince quints
quire choir
quoin coin
quota* quoter*
rabbet rabbit
rack wrack
racket rackett racquet
racks rax wracks
radical radicle
raid rayed
rail rale
rain reign rein
raise rays raze
raiser razer razor
raki rocky
rancor ranker
rang wrang
rap wrap
rapped rapt wrapped
rathe wraith
raw roar
ray re
read rede reed
read red redd
real reel
reave reeve
recede reseed
receipt reseat
reck wreck
reek wreak
reference referents
relaid relayed
remark remarque
remittance remittence remittents
ren* wren*
rends wrens
repeal repeel
resew resow
residence residents
resinate resonate
resistance resistants
resister resistor
rest wrest
retard retarred
retch wretch
review revue
rex wrecks
rheum room
rheumy roomie roomy
rho roe row
rhos roes rose rows
rhumb rum
rhyme rime
rigger rigor
right rite wright write
ring wring
riot ryot
rise ryes
road rode rowed
roc rock
roil royal
role roll
rondeau rondo
roo roux rue
rood rude rued
roomer rumor
roos rues ruse
root route
rosary rosery
rota rotor
rote wrote
rough ruff
rouse rows
rout route
rung wrung
rye wry
sac sack sacque
saccharin saccharine
sachet sashay
sacks sacques sacs sax
sail sale
salter psalter
salver salvor
sandhi sandy
sane seine
sank cinque
sari sorry
sauce source
sault sou sue
saver savor
saw soar sore
scalar scaler
scend send
scene seen
scent sent cent
scents sense cense cents
scull skull
scye sigh psi xi
sea see si
seal seel ceil
sealing ceiling
seam seem
seaman seamen semen
sear seer sere cere
seas sees seize
seat cete
sects sex
seed cede
seeder cedar ceder
sell cel cell
sellar seller cellar
senate sennet sennit
senser sensor censer censor
senses census
sequence sequents
seraph serif
serf surf
serge surge
serial cereal
serous cirrous cirrus
serrate cerate
session cession
set sett
settler settlor
sew so sow
sewed sowed
sewer sower
sewer suer
sewn sone sown
sexed sext
shake sheik
shanty chantey chanty
shays chaise
she shea
shear sheer
sheik chic
shire shyer
shoe shoo
shone shown
shoot chute
shot chott
sibilance sibilants
sic seek
sic sick
sics six
side sighed
sigher sire
sighs size
sight site cite
sign sine syne
signet cygnet
silence silents
sink sync cinque
slay sleigh
sleave sleeve
sleight slight
slew slough slue
sloe slow
soak soke
sawed* soared sord* sword
sol sole soul
sold soled
some sum
son sun sunn
sonny sunny
soot suit
sort sought
spa spar
spade spaed spayed
spae spay
spec speck
spits spitz
spoor spore
sprits spritz
squaller squalor
stade staid stayed
staff staph
stair stare
stake steak
stalk stork
stanch staunch
stater stator
statice status
stationary stationery
steal steel stele
steer stere
step steppe
stile style
stoop stoup stupe
storey story
straight strait
strider stridor
sty stye
subtler sutler
succor sucker
succulence succulents
suede swayed
suite sweet
summary summery
sundae Sunday
swat swot
sycosis psychosis
symbol cymbal
tach tack
tacked tact
tacks tax
tael tail taille tale
tahr tar
tailer tailor
talk torque
taper tapir
tare tear
tartar tarter
taught taut tort torte
taupe tope
tea tee ti
teal teil
tealight* teallite*
team teem
tear tier
teas tease tees tis
tel tell
tenner tenor
tense tents
tenser tensor
terce terse
tern terne turn
tie tai tye
the thee
their there they’re
therefor therefore
threw through
throe throw
throne thrown
thyme time
tic tick
ticks tics tix
tide tied
tier tire tyre
tighten titan
tighter titer
til till
timber timbre
to too two
toad toed towed
toady tody
tocsin toxin
toe tow
toke toque
told tolled
tole toll
ton tonne tun
tongue tung
tool tulle
toon tune
tooter tutor
tor tore
torcher torture
tough tuff
toughed tuft
tracked tract
traitoress traitorous
tray trey
tri try
tride tried
troche trochee
troop troupe
trussed trust
tuba tuber
tucks tux
tuna* tuner*
turban turbine
uncal uncle
undo undue
unreal unreel
urn earn erne
use ewes yews youse
vail vale veil
vain vane vein
valance valence
variance variants
vary very
vellum velum
veracious voracious
verdure verger
versed verst
verses versus
vial vile viol
vice vise
villain villein
villous villus
viscous viscus
wack whack
wacks wax whacks
wade weighed
wail wale whale
wain wane
waist waste
wait weight
waive wave
wall waul
want wont
war wore
ward warred
ware wear where
warn worn
warrantee warranty
wart wort
watt what wot
way weigh whey
we wee whee
weak week
weakly weekly
weal we’ll wheal wheel
weald wheeled wield
wean ween
weaner wiener
weather wether whether
weave we’ve
weaver weever
we’d weed
weir we’re
weld welled
wen when
were whir
wet whet
which witch
whicker wicker
while wile
whiled wild wiled
whin win wynn
whine wine
whined wind wined wynd
whirl whorl
whirled whorled world
whirred word
whish wish
whit wit
white wight wite
whither wither
who hoo
whoa woe
whole hole
wholly holey holy
whoop hoop
whore haw haw
whored hawed hoard horde
who’s whose
why wye
whys wise wyes
wind winned
windlass windless
wins winze
won one
wood would
worst wurst
wrack rack
wracks racks rax
wraith rathe
wrang rang
wrap rap
wrapped rapped rapt
wreak reek
wreck reck
wrecks rex
wren* ren*
wrens rends
wrest rest
wretch retch
wright write right rite
wring ring
wrote rote
wrung rung
wry rye
xi psi scye sigh
y’all yawl
yack yak
yaw yore your you’re
yew you ewe
yews youse ewes use
yoke yolk
you’ll yule
zinc* zink*

* Thanks to Gary D. for the knitted/nitid homophones.
* Thanks to Ann A. for adding gybe to the gibe/jibe homophones.
* Thanks to Ann A. for adding hore to the haw/hoar/whore homophones.
* Thanks to Mark G. for the deasil/diesel homophones.
* Thanks to Ann A. for the gill/jill homophones.
* Thanks to John G. for the ducks/dux homophones.
* Thanks to Ann A. for adding ariel to the aerial/areal homophones.
* Thanks to Ann A. for adding flox to the flocks/flocs/phlox homophones.
* Thanks to Ann A. for adding sawed and sord to the soared/sword homophones.
* Thanks to Ann A. for the aura/ora homophones.
* Thanks to Ann A. for the microlight/microlite homophones.
* Thanks to Ann A. for the light/lite homophones.
* Thanks to Ann A. for the tealight/teallite homophones.
* Thanks to Ann A. for the ren/wren homophones.
* Thanks to Ann A. for the chyle/kile/kyle homophones.
* Thanks to Ann A. for the zinc/zink homophones.
* Thanks to Ann A. for the flicks/flix homophones.
* Thanks to Ann A. for the panda/pander homophones.
* Thanks to Ann A. for the tuna/tuner homophones.
* Thanks to Ann A. for the quota/quoter homophones.
* Thanks to Ann A. for the cornflour/cornflower homophones.
* Thanks to Ann A. for the caulk/cork homophones.

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