Homophones Games

Fun activities are one of the best ways of helping people to learn about homophones, so here are some ideas for homophones games.

Homophone Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt have a great game idea where players are given a list of words and they have to work out their homophone pairs, all of which are types of food.

They then have to either collect all the items like a traditional scavenger hunt or take photos of each item as proof that they found them.

They’ve also provided a free printable list for you to use, so it’s super easy to organize for your kids or students.

Homophone Flashcards

Matching homophone pairs is a great way to differentiate between the two words. We’ve therefore created several free printable picture templates for you to make your own homophone flashcards.

Each of these card templates contains five sets of homophone pairs. The pairs have both the words and pictures of the words, making it easier for the students to remember the homophones due to the visual aspect.

The cards can be printed on regular paper and then cut up, but they might not last very long if used regularly. We’ve therefore designed them using the Avery 28877 card template. This template is perforated so it’s easier to separate the homophone pairs, plus being printed on card means that they’ll be more resilient than if printed on plain paper.

The full set of 70 cards can then be used as a matching game. Just place them all face down, then have the player(s) turn over two cards at a time in order to try and find a matching homophone pair. If they don’t match, they should turn them back over while trying to remember where those words were. Keep playing until they’ve managed to match every pair.

Here are the links to each flashcard template – we’ve also listed the specific homophones that are included on each set:

Homophone Cards – Set 1

Words & Pictures:

  • Aisle / Isle
  • Ball / Bawl
  • Cents / Scents
  • Flour / Flower
  • Grays / Graze

Homophone Cards – Set 2

Words & Pictures:

  • Hair / Hare
  • Meat / Meet
  • Peace / Piece
  • Rain / Rein
  • Saw / Soar

Homophone Cards – Set 3

Words & Pictures:

  • Berry / Bury
  • Board / Bored
  • Colonel / Kernel
  • Doe / Dough
  • Heal / Heel

Homophone Cards – Set 4

Words & Pictures:

  • Mail / Male
  • Muscle / Mussel
  • Paced / Paste
  • Pi / Pie
  • Rose / Rows

Homophone Cards – Set 5

Words & Pictures:

  • Ate / Eight
  • Blew / Blue
  • Raw / Roar
  • Sail / Sale
  • Stalk / Stork

Homophone Cards – Set 6

Words & Pictures:

  • Caught / Court
  • Paw / Poor
  • Cymbal / Symbol
  • Tea / Tee
  • Weak / Week

Homophone Cards – Set 7

Words & Pictures:

  • Buy / Bye
  • Right / Write
  • Son / Sun
  • Stake / Steak
  • Toad / Towed
Make sure you check out our complete homophones list.