Homophone Jokes

Here are loads of funny homophone jokes and puns that are great for both kids and adults.

Homophone Jokes

1. How many members of a convent does it take to change a light bulb?


2. What did the chess piece say before bed?

Knight knight.

3. What do you call a deer with no eyes?

No idea.

4. What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs?

Still no idea.

5. What does Santa say when gardening?

Hoe hoe hoe.

6. Why would a chess piece in charge of a city be like a bad dream?

Because it would be a knight mayor.

7. What did one homophone say to comfort the other homophone?

Their, there, they’re.

8. What does a sheep’s Valentine’s Day card say?

I love ewe.

9. What does a Cyclops’ Valentine’s Day card say?

Eye love you.

10. What type of coin smells?


11. Why was the pepper cold?

Because it was chili.

12. What is a golfer’s favorite number?


13. Why couldn’t the jockey speak?

He was feeling a bit horse.

14. Why does The Lord’s Prayer ask for our daily bread?

Because it’s something we knead.

15. Why was the mortgage sad?

Because it was a loan.

16. Why was the nighttime sad?

Because now it was mourning.

17. Why did the window glass cry?

Because it was in pane.

18. What’s a cat’s favorite button on a DVD remote?


19. What is a Christmas gift’s favorite type of music?


20. Why does the lion not enjoy cooked vegetables?

He prefers them roar.

21. What’s a librarian’s favorite color?


22. Why did the toolbox cry?

Because it felt saw.

23. What beverage do golfers like to drink?


24. What is ice cream’s favorite day of the week?


25. Why didn’t the amphibian drive its car home?

Because it was toad.

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